Firefox on Mac

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Firefox on Mac - Thanks! Finally got my CAC figured out!
- Thanks,amazing video and step by step instructions, good job!!
- Very good video, extremely helpful. I can log onto AKO just fine but when I try to login to Mypay, I get a 403 error. Does anyone know how I can fix that?
- Thank you for the video.  I've used content and your videos to get my wife and I out of CAC related frustrations in the past.  This again was a great example of the clear,concise, and helpful instruction the website provides.  Cheers.
- I had accomplished this video in April and had troubles recently accessing CAC sites from my Mac with Firefox on Mavericks. I didn't know if it was due to the August-ish Firefox update or something else. Come to find out Thursby's PKard reader pushed an update 11 JUN 14 at (Firefox had saved my configurations). I updated the PKard software, re-accomplished the steps in this video starting at 2:58, and now have access to CAC sites again, including AF Portal and OWA Webmail. Like I also highly recommend the SCR 3500 card reader for Mac machines.
- I can now get on AKO with my CAC but I still can't get on enterprise email. I get "Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error. The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. (12202) ". I've watched the video and gone through everything on it. Please help!
- I have downloaded the cackey for OS X but I can't seem to find any file to load to create the new module on firefox. Please help me out here. I am losing it trying to figure this out.
- I have no certificates under keychain access. Any ideas? Thanks!
- wondering if you could help me. I went through all the steps on my mac and it worked. this morning I tried again and it would not let me. I am running OS X 10.9.1 with a 15" retina display i7 and 8gb Memory. I went through all the steps (I DID NOT reinstall anything though). I am using Firefox to take my Army SSD-1 courses which works really well BTW but I just want to use my CAC to log into ALMS instead of my password and all that bs. can email me @ 
- cac*
- ok i'm so confused right now. Everything works with my cad with every other computer. But at home i got a mac it's running mavericks now. I did everything you said and it works. but i can't log in to any sites.? it gives me a error. plz help
- CACkey folder is not showing up in my library. I'm using 10.9
- Thanks James
- Just fyi, tried this recently on my new Mac with Mavericks and it worked just fine. I had to update the firmware on my reader, but other than that no issues with checking my OWA. Thanks.
- Scott, I replied to your question above. It sounds like your CAC may be blocked right now. Do you have access to a Windows computer with a CAC reader setup? Somethings are much more difficult on a Mac. I usually chuckle with people when I hear this since everyone tells me how "easy" Macs are. :)
- Hello Scott, if it is not working on any browser or LPS now, it sounds like your CAC may be blocked. Search "RAPIDS Site Locator" on Google to find the nearest ID card office.
- I am also not able to use Safari. The only thing I was able to do was using LPS on a bootable disc. That doesn't work with my CAC anymore after trying the steps in the video. I have deleted Firefox totally and I'm trying to get LPS to work again. :(
- No it has never worked on Firefox. I followed the video EXACTLY. I have a valid CAC, valid PIN, and updated firmware on the CAC reader. I have come to realize that it's more of a pain in the butt to use a Mac with CAC's and I'm about to give up totally.
- Hello Scott, did the final login for the Portal ever work? I ask because we have noticed a flaw in Firefox where it remembers the wrong cert. I've not been able to find a way to get Firefox to forget. Are you able to use Safari?
- Everything works except the final login for the Portal. Not sure why it keeps asking me for my PIN over and over.