Firefox OS First Look!

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Dyskusje o Firefox OS First Look!

Firefox OS First Look! - I'm just watching this because I heard that the runcible phone would be on Firefox OS
- Fire Fox OS
- ...but no Sailfish huh.
- I have a Firefox OS phone but I'm unable to get DATA to work on it. Any thoughts?
- Well, umm....precisely,
Android * iOS * NOKIA (Oh NO!) = Firefox OS :")
It's basically more like an emulator that would unleash web access to people. Not bad though.....quite a kinsman to the Android and iOS itself.
The new features are very cool btw, like - that youtube to soundcloud, metrolyrics insta sync stuff, plus good accessibility on low spec hardware is very impressive.
Not too bad for a new competitive release, not too good to be replaced by android yet.
Good luck Firefox :)

P.S. I couldn't actually make sure whether they are competing android or trying to develop friendly relations with it :P
- Hey Firefox u are doing great :) take the entire low budget market which is below 180$ and This strategy will definitely will work out for you. I'm gonna support Firefox by buying this device from them :)
- Android os is old and firefox os is new.
- his hair is the same color as the firefox logo
- Pretty Cool Os but still if its not online its dead.
- looks like ios + android for me.
- I use an android and i'm into saying android and i will probably call it foxdroid
- I want.. and can't wait!!!!
- Awsome
- EverythingMe Launcher stole the background feature from Mozilla
- his hair look like a fox
- It's funny how his hair are colour-themed with mozilla logo
- Pretty freaking sweet.
- What do you mean by "low devices"?
I mean, today I bought an Alcatel Onetouch Fire with Firefox OS and well I have an iPhone too and to be sincere I prefer the one with the Firefox OS.
The phone is super fast, really cool, and keep your privacy safe (I really love the "Do not track" option) Really I will sell my iPhone.
- Getting one of these soon
- the idea for beat android and others OS in cheap phone less than $120 , good strategy fire fox :)