Firefox OS - Official review on MWC 2013

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Dyskusje o Firefox OS - Official review on MWC 2013

Firefox OS - Official review on MWC 2013 - This looks great for people that can't afford phones and it's cheep but i am sure it's not made to play any games or use many apps. 

What i don't like is that big icons. Mostly looks nice.
- The one thing I will say that is great about this OS is that you can try all marketplaces to get whatever app you want. Sure they have to make apps for firefox os, but they dont have to shell out money to another market just to get it published. This is an important feature that you have to think about.
How many apps are taken off the marketplace from IOS and Google Play? What Apps have you paid for, and then it was no longer available?
If firefox does this right, they could become bigger than you think. They just need to make it more open for gamers. Let gamers make apps that allow full function of a ps3 controller without jailbreaking. Make it hackable for the user who have superuser access. Let us have the power to our phone.
- I've heard that the camera API on firefox OS works as a web app. What does it mean? Will I be able to take pics even if I am in airplane mode or in a place with no mobile network coverage?
- If it's "meh" for you, you clearly have a lot to discover about Firefox OS. This video is not a "complete guide to Firefox OS advantages". Visit their official site to learn more.
- Meh... Love Firefox but still...,meh
- Lame.
- Yeah, if you sit before Facebook the whole God damn day then yes!
- The "mayority" of people in the world are social by default, so it make sence.
- For me I like the variety of different makers, I love firefox browser and there should not be one dominant OS phone, it should be down to people to choose, I like choice and for me the only annoying thing is that they did not include the UK in there choices cos we are only a small island and i think it would be a great test bed for them. A bit short sited of Firefox really
- I have to be honest, as much as I like Firefox, I don't see how it will compete with android. I don't see any unique features compared to android. Then again android is so customizable it could emulate other operating systems anyway with little or no trouble, as in my previous post.
- @3:06 launcher does that on Android.
- Oh damn you couldnt have copied more from android and ios. Even the keyboard is 100% android. Are you kidding me?
- Can't wait to buy the peak next week
- Yeah well it's all about contracts with major manufacturers... A bit of 'dual-coring' would mean a lot :)
- I was way more excited about the ubuntu phone os. Why you ask? Well they came with new ideas. Even though social is not really old, to call it spranklink :/ And besides it LOOKS, pretty much the same as your average android phone. Compared to the new features ubuntu came with... It just is not the same.
- pause at 0:17
- Again a social bullcrap, why every developer thinks that we need Facebook everywhere?!
- great for kids, but they will soon catch on that is a crapy html5 phone will want one of the top 3 phones on the market very soon after using it for a few hours. Dam you mum and dad you fooled me into thinking this is a good phone. shame on you.
- Hi, ¿how about audio latency?
- Wow, that's bad. If their goal is to beat the way Symbian was 5 years ago, then grats, succeeded. If however they plan to go against the likes of Ubuntu mobile OS, Android Key Lime Pie, Windows phone 8 and iOS 7, with THAT then they fail on an epic scale. I'd rather use Gingerbread on a G1 than touch this with a ten yard pole...Permanent data connection required? Nty. Data is still too expensive, and coverage still too unreliable for this to be truly viable.