Firefox OS on Nexus 5

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Dyskusje o Firefox OS on Nexus 5

Firefox OS on Nexus 5 - how do you download more apps? does firefox have a store? does it support a lot of app?
- It works good
- All seems goood.


Where the files've gone?
I'm getting mad...OTL
- This OS don't have any future. I want WIndows 10 Mobile for Nexus :/
- it works good
- Firefox OS on Nexus 5:
- I would like to have this OS on my phone, it looks great, but I have a few questions, for one will you be able to do anything you like with the operating system - in other words with Firefox OS, does the OS have restriction like Android or IOS?
- Hey Syed! :)
Would you say that this os is better to use than the stock android pre built into the N5?
- where can I download this rom? 
- Hi syed zain ahmed,

I have a question. When you open the FM Radio app in your Nexus5 with FxOS (and you have plugged in the headsets), could you listen the radio?? Does it run in your device??
Thanks for your video, it's so interesting!!
- Hey dude nice video :O  Can u make with Ubuntu on your Nexus 5?
- Syed what's the point for joining a google plus community if its the opposite? I just want to know the wallpaper you used for your TERMINUS review. Just a wallpaper... #community 
- Thanks for review Syed, i'm interested in firefox, it's feature os for non apple phones and tv's platform in my opinion.
- Woo !! Will try once.
- Hi, syed id like to root my Sony Xperia V, but i dont know how and i am afraid that i will brick it. Can you please help me? I know that you know how to do that, and you might know where i could find guide how to do it and how to avoid geting bricked (Shrekt)
- Firefox Rom on Nexus 5