Firefox OS Review

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Firefox OS Review - If the initial layout can change on a larger screen size (user friendly) I am in thoughts that Firefox should try the ZTE Blade2 moblie phone.  Bigger screen just might help to get around the OS as well.
- I have the later Open C version, a long press on the home button opens up a pager with all the recently opened apps, which can also be closed from there too. I'm not certain if this feature is just for a more recent version of the hardware or the OS.
- can u say something about it's gaming
- If you want to use Firefox OS please install it on a existing phone.
If you want to use FF OS on your Computer then use "Firefox OS Simulator"

Official "Firefox OS Simulator" homepage is at

Firefox extension "Firefox OS Simulator" (officially says Firefox v30+, but works fine on my old Firefox v23.0.1)
- I can't see this becoming one of the big OS's simply because that is not there intent! It has always been the plan for this to be a way to bring cheaper smartphones to country's like china and whatnot. At least that's what I read a while back. 
- Unnecessary o/s that will be gone in a year.
- You don't even say this is all HTML5...
- Hows the accessibility for blind and partially sighted people in Firefox OS? Is it non existent? I really hope they have at least a large font option! Also Peter <3 :D
- Looks like a nice little system. Hope they release it in a more modern phone so we can see what it can do.