Firefox OS vs Android OS Comparison - When I had Firefox installed on my Android phone, I noticed that my battery was draining very fast... Even when Firefox wasn't even running (even had process off in app manager), my battery was running dry in just a matter of 1-2 hours. Aside from that, it's way too bloated and has some annoying bugs. Uninstalled until they improve it.
- Intex Cloud FX and Alcatel Onetouch FireC have quite good reviews..
- how about computers ,cant anyone suggest a new operating system
- android is the best like  and samsung phones i cant imagine samsung galaxy  phone with firefox or ubuntu or chrome os  ADRROID OS IS THE BEST !!!
- android is the winner for now
how about beyond,may be this will give the break through tech.of all h-tech
FFOS is under develop means they will give more about this.
- are you guys from Japan with the NTT Docomo phone?
- They are totally banging each other
- Firefox OS is amazing and works perfectly  for me buck here in Kenya.Since i started using it i find my phone very easy and unique to operate. Kudos Firefox
- Firefox OS NSA proof ? ;o|
Merkel where are you ?
- Where can I get the zte open.
- Candidate selection : Android
Reason of selection :
Similarities nd difference between Android nd firefox
- i had a project on firefox os .
i have to compare firefox os with android can any one explain them
- Put clash of clans on Firefox os 
- That younger guy looks like hes from Dragonball Z
- firefox os is still under development its obviously android is the winner here
- Excellent comparison....Really I like it
- Here in the Philippines, we have the just recently launched "Cherry Mobile Ace" for only $35.
- As far of my observation to this video, Firefox Os is a combination of IOS and ANDROID ideas. :))