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FIREFOX WARNING - @Purple8Lemon The download button says 7.7MB and the file I download is 8.14, I don't trust it and this is absolutely ridiculous; all this trouble for something that was regularly crashing and can't upload any files without freaking out? Screw Firefox I'm going Chrome.
- @badboymino Well that's great, maybe that's why the plug-ins are always crashing. I'll delete the one I have now and try getting a different one and see what happens.
- @Purple8Lemon It shouldn't do that. A small window should appear saying that 'Firefox is checking for updates'. You must have a phony version. Try installing the real thing from their website to start off with, then you should be ok
- @Purple8Lemon Never happened to me o.o
- @Krullemadull I got the update and the Mozilla download is still doing it for some reason.
- @badboymino When I click the 'Check for Updates' from the Help menu if there's an update to download it sends me to the Mozilla site to download it.
- Doesn't happen, when you had another version, and just update it o.o
- @BlackPenguin2 It's no real problem once firefox is updated
- I use Firefox. You don't need to download the new version from their site. Just go onto the 'Help' menu and click 'Check for updates'. SIMPLE AS!
- ooooh i have chrome, phhhew