First Look: Firefox OS on Nexus 7 FHD

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First Look: Firefox OS on Nexus 7 FHD - more competition = best for customers
- where Chrome OS?
- it look pretty much ios
- Good review. It reminds me of how iOS (back when it was iPhone OS/mobile Mac OS X) only allowed users to install "web apps" (basically home screen bookmarks) when the iPhone was first released; that was pretty half-assed, so eventually Apple opened iOS to natively-coded third party apps. However, that the entire interface of #FirefoxOS is natively built using #HTML5 but is not a "thin client/dumb terminal for the Web" makes it seem like Mozilla's actually treating the Web like a first-class mobile feature. 

But from looking at the video, the HTML5 interface needs more hardware acceleration or a Web-friendly equivalent. Right now the interface looks brittle to the touch. 
- After getting through this video, I feel slightly gayer.
- "nitch oriented" learn to speak if you're going to make videos you fucking idiot.
- Go Mozilla!
- can i get wine on it
- Swiping from the bottom you would like to see on Android? Sure, but why not mention that that's a feature coming from webOS (and BB10)?
- useful info !!! 
- ios base
- Damn. Google just made kitkat compatible with low end devices. What does this have to offer other than that?
- Any follow ups for mid 2014?  Thanks.
- ah... bored with that UI...
- "guess"-tures? LOL!
- Firefox OS on a Nexus 7 Tablet.
- I'll get Ubuntu Touch once it is fully released.
- Thanks for narrating as if you have brain damage.