Fix all mozilla firefox proxy connection problems if you unable to connect

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Fix all mozilla firefox proxy connection problems if you unable to connect - It didn't work for me.
- Thank you!!!!
- Its fake indian
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- awesome . thank you so much
- Thank you! I tried everything, but i could do nothing with my computer. (Thank god i have a ps3 and could watch vds on that.) This helped me a lot.One Subscriber earned!
- Thank u so so much. i believe god is someone who shows solutions & u saved my struggling with this problem from past 2 weeks. thank u so much again,keep up the good work.
- Thank you so much!!!  I appreciate it.  You video 100% helped.  I was getting frustrated because the youtube videos would keep saying error has occurred because the proxy server keeps automatically on.  Now the I clicked on "No proxy" it made all the difference.  You are a lifesaver, or should I say a youtube video saver".
- This didn't help at all. -_-
- advaaaanced. lol. but seriously this is like for a retard.... I want a damn proxy though. How do i get my proxy connections working again??
- Hello! I have allowed my windows 7 firewall to allow firefox and also did check the no proxy box but it still says firefox server can't connect. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
- Yes ~! you fixed it
- 0:10 "connect-t-t-t-to the internet" Thanks for making the video and taking your time to make it, but it still didn't work. Thanks anyways.
- Thanks a million you really helped :-) 
- Thanks a lot. I was so irritated because the time & date was okay but I couldn't resolved the problem. Then I saw this video. Thanks again.
- Thanks
- It worked thank you!. Have been having this problem for a few days thanks
- Thanks man
- You sound like Morgan freeman