Fix Firefox - Windows - Easy

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Fix Firefox - Windows - Easy - i did the firefox.exe -profilemanager thing but it comes up tih (firefox has stop working) and it is because {cappcrash}!!!!!! idk what to do and this is the same problem with starting firefox with this turtorial and without :C
- firefox.exe - profilemanager hangs as well. Exit Firefox....
- This didnt work. I tried everything. I tried resetting it, reinstalling it, it tried it in safe mode, I tried changing the firewall settings, I tried disabling the add-ons. Nothing worked. I need help. Nothing is working.
- the best solution I found is not to use this piece of garbage browser. Mozilla fucks up every version more than the last.
- Hi there, I tried to reset my firefox to, but that didn't change a thing. The latest flashplayer version is not working on my end for some reason. Are there more people that have this problem too? Watching videos on youtube with the latest flashplayer is a pain on the butt:(
- Okay thanks for great info about this problems and hope to see it fixed in the future. Iknow this also caused problems with flash on chrome aswell but was easier to fix
- The best way to fix Firefox is to use the new reset feature - check the sidebar for "Reset Firefox -- easily fix most problems" The problems with YouTube are due to Flash. The solutions there are to use the latest Flash 11.4 or to downgrade to Flash 10.3. If you select Firefox help from the help menu you see "flash 11.3 crashes" listed on the front page of the help site.
- Why did you not uninstall the program with windows builtin uninstaller or ccleaner ? or is there any special reason you remove it in this way? Just wondering becaus i been a long time firefox user but have got over to the chrome side becaus sick lags on youtube and freezes on youtube. The scrolling aint smooth like chrome anymore just got worse since i think version 3 or 4. Version 15 is not even useable at youtube and that was with a fresh install of firefox 15 without ever had it installed
- Thank you so much, sir!! It flippin' worked.
- what if i want to keep the bookmarks, add-ons and passwords?
- thanks for the help!! finally firefox works again :-))
- This fixes fire fox,Thankyou for your help,A++++++++++++++++
- how you change cursor when you click something? is it part of the editing video? or you can really do that on windows, could you tell me?
- Thank you. Hopefully, there will not be anymore problems!!!
- @DeepLavaOcean I used Parallels Desktop to run Windows 7 on a Mac and I used ScreenFlow to record everything and do some basic editing. Then I finished up the editing in Final Cut Pro X.
- With what program did you record and edit your video?