Google Chrome Vs. Firefox Android Browser Comparison

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Google Chrome Vs. Firefox Android Browser Comparison - What's the name of the blue circle multitasking program? It's 4:24
- You need to turn on google search suggestion to make use of that feature.
- Oh one thing: you can use the search capacitive button on your phone to bring up the address bar. Really useful since some browsers hide it, and you had trouble tapping on it.
- nvm i figured it out
- Im using AOKP Jellybean 4.1.2 and what "thing" haha i need you to be a little more specific :)
- Few things: the tab switching when you swipe in from the side in Chrome can be turned off. You can get the AdBlockPlus app from the play store, which works with any application. And what is that thing called that you have one your phone, and what ROM are you using?
- Autocomplete is disabled by default on FireFox, but you can enable it: browser.urlbar.autoFill
- Ahh that makes sense why Chrome didnt complete most of the tests in the benchmark that I ran. Thanks for the comment!
- chrome doesn't support flash anymore, firefox still does. but, it's not really a big deal like it was back in 2009. i like both browsers, so i just keep both!
- The round ones when u moved aroung the screen.think I read they were Razor m rings
- To switch apps?
- What is the spinning blue circle when u to it?