Google Chrome vs FireFox,Speed Test

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Dyskusje o Google Chrome vs FireFox,Speed Test

Google Chrome vs FireFox,Speed Test - You are an idiot for using zelda music, I hate zelda.
- I found a really fast, super secret version of Firefox.  It is located at this address:

Shh, don't tell anyone.
- Had crazy problems with Chrome locking up when I left multiple tabs open for days, or say coming out of playing a game, it would lock right up. Noticed that wasn't an issue trying Firefox again. So not using Chrome anymore.
- mmmh weird in my PC Firefox runs faster than chrom i havent installed too much things, so no idea ( Sorry if i have Bad English )
- I think that's just case for you. I used both of these for a long long time and after switching multiple times I concluded that both of these are pretty shitty.

Firefox crashes much more often than Google Chrome. Google Chrome uses more than twice the amount of ram Firefox needs. I'm not even kidding. If you have a shitload of ram - go ahead and use Chrome. I'll stick to my user-friendly Firefox.
- preloaded sites in Chrome, Firefox still downlad site, and noticeable multiple clicking in the links
...and maybe Firefox overloaded extensions/pluggins
- Firefox simply because of Open-Source
- chrome won
- and on YouTube Videos?
what is faster?
- Haha screw firefox waterfox is the best.
- On my pc Firefox is a lot faster. it just Mac isn't made for Firefox and it could just be your Internet how can tell for certain

P.S Firefox also downloads faster then chrome 
- Google Chrome IS AWESOME!

- @kineryroblox- i play roblox why watch
- hahhahahaahahhahaha anyone here know how to edit about:config in firefox ??? haaahhhaha i surf with firefox opening all pages in al most half millisecond
firefox is the fastest, customizable, powerful, protect and updated browser...and opens all type of pages and don't auto-execute javascript..ecc ecc I could countinue...firefox is the best
- It seems you did not empty the cache on chrome, Try clearing it and it wont be such a dramatic difference as we can see chrome is your most used browser.
- Firefox, because it has a homepage and the style looks better
- +Jet Einstein A browser with minimalistic design is only for "noobs"??? Are you kidding me! Everyone knows that Google Chrome is Google's approach to create an ecosystem within whatever operating system that you are running and they do that with the help of Chrome Apps and they also encourage your "professional programmers" to create such apps using the next big web-technology - HTML5. Just because you feel comfortable with Firefox doesn't mean that Chrome is just an amateur.
- Firefox Sucks Yes