Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox: Best browser (w/ Tech Mania)

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Dyskusje o Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox: Best browser (w/ Tech Mania)

Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox: Best browser (w/ Tech Mania) - google chrome good!!!!! firefox bad!
- sorry my crashed mozilla my installed google chrome
- Chrome is Win :D
- the intro is a bt-7 and a churchill tank
- firefox is bulky.  That's what I don't like about it
- The latest Firefox release 30.0 out performs ALL browser's including chrome. Sorry but chrome is the biggest fucking memory eater/consumer I have seen. I did a little tweaking on FF 30.0, it is now the fastest browser I have ever used. Chrome can eat shit, die. It may be faster for some people who have a very high end PC but I have a duel core CPU, it still does not out perform FF. This video is obviously biased because I watched the "latest" browser war, it still says chrome is the "best browser", that Opera has taken the "speed king" title over Firefox. What a load of shit.
- chrome sucks it is a part of google and evrybody knows google works with the goverment
- you can't say that Firefox takes 6 sec to open becouse mine is 1 sec ... also it is if u have a bad or good pc ...
- I use Firefox now. Chrome is a little bit faster, but Firefox is safer for your Computer.  
- I been using Chrome and it suddenly crashed on me a week after and no the antivirus software isn't the culprit and not my internet connection. If it was my connection I wouldn't have access Internet Explorer to download Firefox a long time ago and Opera and I am now using Firefox because of they're the same.
- seberia janar mozilla firefos
- chrome for the win
- Go Chrome
- Yeah! Chrome is the British tank!
- I really dont like chrome it raises your cpu
- I think that firefox is better for Windows Xp but Chrome Windows 7 again :)
- Chrome for the win
- writhe ver of each browser?
- This is bullshit, your FF browser runs like shit, you either have crappy internet or you filled it with buggy addons. Chrome is more lightweight so if you have a shitty pc it will run a little faster, true, but Firefox has much more power