Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox - Best Internet Browser

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Dyskusje o Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox - Best Internet Browser

Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox - Best Internet Browser - WTF Internet Explorer is faster than Google Chrome ffs, ofc if u have a wooden pc it sucks
- why so beautiful
- What the fuck happened to Chrome? It's like the Lindsey Lohan of web browsers. Used to be the fastest, used it for years! Now it is a God damn buggy mess and messes up on log-in stuff. I constantly have to delete cookies, etc.

Safari was my next choice, which was okay but it crashes on Windows. It was okay on Mac, though, which I think is a version you can't get unless you have OS X.

Haven't tried out Opera much but it looks okay.

Using Firefox, now. No bugs, fast and I like the way it scrolls.

I don't care about the features. I just want a fast browser that works at this point.
- Chrome was my number 1 browser until it started crashing and hosing up my PC. Firefox is my browser of choice from this point on. Although I have used FF before, it is much faster and more reliable than Chrome.....
- Мазафака Рулит)))
- malware And viruses pushed me out of my habitat(Chrome) Now I'm in a Sacret land..(Firefox)
- my firefox is fast ive had it for 2 years now no errors can do gaming watch videos and do School Work WITH NO PROBLEMS FIREFOX FTW !!!!!!!!
- Interesting, everyone is talking about bugs they get in Chrome when I haven't gotten any of them. I guess I have good luck :P
- On pc, mozilla destroy chrome with all the plug ins. On tablet and smartphone maybe chrome wins
- gr8 video!
- Chrome=virus
- Anyway chrome dose unit run fast n also too much errors ?u should try n do something about.
- fuck both of them... no sound any of those browsers and no response either
- For some reason my up-to-date firefox I use for debugging web apps, works way slower than chrome... so I don't use it for browsing.

With an average connection of 100kbps in my country, there seems to be something that makes chrome faster, and it's not the cache, plus firefox for some reason gets stuck more commonly.

However I don't get how firefox manages not to crash my computer considering the Chipset for video and stuff is damaged, I can't really watch videos unless I'm in an special mode (disabling lots of things), but in firefox it's like, it doesn't matter, it always plays.
- What did you say Firefox's addon level was?
OVER 9000!!!1!1!1!!!1!1!1
- All hail Lynx - the king of all browsers!
- firefox
- firefox can suck my dick...
- the girl in your intro is way hotter then you