Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox - Browser Test [2015] [HD]

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Dyskusje o Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox - Browser Test [2015] [HD]

Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox - Browser Test [2015] [HD] - Much decision.
- Thien Mai ( TBBM-Thu Nga)
- Chrome 64bit all, the, waY!
- for me chrome takes up 250MB RAM with one tab open...
- i use both
- Chrome gets shittier and shittier. I choose Firefox.
- Lol chrome cpu at 2% he sais, hangs around 9 whole time but doesnt matter. This is done by a chrome fanboy
- And also when I downloaded chrome on my brand new mac it too forever
- It's obvious that firefox is better. Your video won't convince anyone but the fools
- No matter what the tests say, support Mozilla.
- Anyone else finding Chrome takes forever to load EVERY page. I'm not talking slow internet. Firefox starts loading the pages instantly while Chrome does that backward spinning thing for about 3 seconds before even starting to load the page. I'm a web developer and use each major browser daily and Chrome is better for development but terrible for actual browsing due to this "lag". It happens on all my computers on my home and work networks.
- Firefox is still better. You get way more customisation options.
- Google Chrome v36.0 en el 2014 vs Moxilla v31.0 ???  moxila en el 2014 tenia la versión v37.0

Seria mejor que sea un VS con las mismas versiones .
- all of this is irrelevant because every browers work different from pc to pc, from laptop to other laptop an so on + internet connection.
- firefox es mas viejo en el campo. se dedican a tiempo completo.
cuando hay un error lo corrigen al instante, mientras chrome tiene que haber un debate enorme en varios idiomas para putear a sus desarrolladores. ahi salen con disculpas llorando que pronto lo corregiran. FIREFOX THE BEST.
- I like what I see with fire fox. Google you've been replaced!
- The tests were not fair. Firefox also had low CPU usage but you didn't give it any time to drop down.
- Mozilla Firefox,Mozilla Firefox,Mozilla Firefox...
- Best practise is to avoid anything Google if you value your privacy & freedom.  Your future you will thank you for this. Peace.
- I can settle this once and for all. First, I love Firefox and don't like Chrome that much. Chrome does not allow the user to have enough control over what is shared, saved, etc. and I thin Google tracks everything you do.
I used and did tests 5 times with Chrome and Firefox (the test uses the browser ). I did the tests right after each other and used 5 in case the connection was better or worse (it was the same). Each test only takes me a few seconds.
I also used different locations. I used the newest version of Firefox and Firefox 28 (it was actually slower not faster as some claim)
The results are: - Chrome average download speed 23 Mbs.
                        Firefox average speed  18 Mbs.
The upload difference was the same but means very little to most people.
Chrome is faster. So I use both. Chrome for speed and Firefox for other things.
I did a real test that gives real results.
Contradict me if you want to, but unless you are also an IT professional and a Microsoft A+ certified tech like I am, just STFU with the bullshit internet child troll comments.
No offense.