Grandstand Epoch Firefox F-7 Electronic VFD Tabletop Game 1983

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Grandstand Epoch Firefox F-7 Electronic VFD Tabletop Game 1983 - Fuck me your jokes are fucking cheesy as fuck... you have my like for that ;p
- Lol now I know what's the difference (slap) ouch
- More crap from ebay LOL
- I love the way Mrs. Roli says, "Ah! New crap from eBay!" :)
- Wow.  WEIRD concidence - I came here from your TI99/4A video, since the name of this video seemed interesting.  As you started it, I thought to myself, "Hey - I remember, I had a neat tabletop game when I was little."  Then you showed what it was, and I nearly fell over - exactly the one I had just been thinking of!

I got one of these (as "Astro Thunder") when I was about 10 years old, but it wouldn't work properly.  I opened it up and found a cracked circuit board, solder it up, and it worked great after that.  This really brings back memories.  (And creepy deja-vu)
- Pretty nice for an early 80's tabletop game.
- So much creativity went into laying out the VFD's and LCD's back then.  That was part of the appeal to me.  I like this game too.  Thanks Roli
- Top!
- I have played this one back in the day, it really was one of the more exciting games to play, had a lot of replay value in it.
- This has got to be my all time favourite tabletop. I got mine for Christmas back in 83-84. I took it from under the tree went straight to my bedroom & unwrapped it (knew I was getting it & I couldn't wait to play it) on Xmas eve night while my parents were sleeping. The best thing was be able to play it without sound unlike previous grandstand tabletops. One I finished playing... wrapped it & put it back under the tree... couldn't sleep that night I just wanted to play this awesome game :) When I did play it again with sound I was blown away by the sound effects. Oh! My parents knew that I opened it during the night. :) 
- I got one of these! I found a boxed one in my attic, no idea how it got there, but as soon as I took it down the box disintegrated.

But gotta love it playing the theme tune to thunderbirds, empire strikes back and Jerusalem as the game over tune.

It's really quite impressive for its time!
- Great story again Roland. Mrs Vectrex is quickly becoming my favorite actress!
These color led games were really quite abundent way back when. I remember laying Frisky Tom, Galaga and a version of Scrambler. My brother owned a PacMan.
That old footage looked like a chemistry class of Satan or something. Must have been the last day in school? 
- I love these awesome 80's LED tabletops, thanks for sharing. I also really enjoy the side stories Ms. Vectrex Roli:). 
- So funny video =)
- Always follow the golden rule, if you're wife askes if you noticed something:

Nice video.
- Epic
- Hahah, I absolutely love your videos fella, roping your wife into these, fantastic!!
- Einfach klasse! My older brother had Firefox f7 and never let me play so it was nice to see it in action! Mrs Roli was excellent as always.
- Beautiful old tabletop game... great sound and very colourful display. But I wonder if these games sold well in 1983, considering that by then home computers & computer games were becoming more popular and affordable?