Grandstand FireFox F 7 Video Game

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Grandstand FireFox F 7 Video Game - Way ahead of it's time. I swapped it with someone at middle school; regret it to this day. Thank you so much for uploading, brings back very happy memories #happydays  
- I had this as a kid in the '80s. I forgot what it was called though until today! Those electronic sounds bring back memories....
- I had one of these!
- This was sold here in the US as Astro Thunder. This game had the best sound of any of the tabletop arcade games, and it actually had different levels! I played this for hours, great fun.
- i cant play it cause i dont have ipad or iphone ive got android and htc i wihs someone would port it to pc or android
- I had this for Christmas in 84/85. One of the best presents I ever had.
- Loved this game!
- I went mad one xmas to get this game and played it to death for many years, it seemed so amazing at the time with the sound effects and graphics. I still have it along with 'munchman' and 'frogger', even my nan used to play munchman back in the day. One day she was so amazed at her score on it she ran the hall to my grandad and burst in on him on the pot to show him LOLOL
- I used to have this one long ago. Played it for years and then I finally lost track of it. By this point I only had very vague memories of it and have been trying to find out what it was for a long time. My bro finally figured it out. I'd know the music and sound effects anywhere. Wish I still had the thing. Can't remember what eventually happened to it. Fun game.
- Still got this game in the loft. Along with scramble, but a red unit not black, and some other ones including a weird shaped game where you run around digging holes for aliens to fall in. Nostalgia ftw
- i remeber this well, I also remember how much it ate battery's to lol
- £100.00 in mint condition. Wanna sell it?
- Such an amazing game, i still have mine in mint condition!
- My god I lost some childhood hours to this bad boy!! And a shed load of batteries! Good times indeed! Thanks for posting the video.. It's the noises/music that really takes one back!!
- i completed this game, you get an H on either side of your score when you do
- You just made my day. I was a God at this. Time for EBay!
- just about to ask why this never got a port!
- Play this on your iPhone / iPad! Check out "RetroFox R7" in the iTunes App Store. Visit for screenshots and more info.
- God take me back to this time, things were a lot simpler then and we only needed the bare minimum in terms of electrical entertainment :)
- My brother had this!!! ;-)