How To Disable Plugin-Container.exe For Firefox

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How To Disable Plugin-Container.exe For Firefox - Bless you. This has been driving me up the goddamn wall.
- That $##^%!! Plugin has been a thorn in my side for quite sometime now. I have spammed Mozilla regarding this problem but there seemed to be no solution.

Thank you!

 and my second pc problem is what I think is either my video card or my ram. one of my screens goes black and when it comes back my wallpaper is gone. It is all right once I reboot and then later when my pc gets tired (I do not know what triggers this) one screen will go blank again.
- Followed the instructions but plugin container is still active in my task manager :(.
- I tried to watch this but plug-in container crashed haha
- Thank you! This solved 2 of my Firefox problems.
1) When I press 'back page' from youtube replays - solved
2) plugin container for firefox has stop working - partly solved... Now webpage freezes for 20 sec then OK... Previously it freezes forever.
- Awesome fix, I thought it was Flash Player but guess not.
- @Miguel- Your welcome!  Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing, appreciate it!  P.S Your google+ settings are set in such a way I can't reply to you directly, if you need help fixing that let me know.  Cheers!
- Good work !
Thanks a lot !

Best regards
- Ahh thank you very much for this simple solution that has caused me soo much grief! I still have the high resource usage but the freezing has ceased... So far. So dam annoying as I spent ages going through each plugin thinking it was a flash block tool but it wasn't.
Thankyou again!
- it goes too fast to read the tiny letters - grr - and for some reason it doesn't focus in full screen for me - is there a written version of this somewhere?
- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
- Thanks mate. At  my age  such things are a  bigger  mystery than the  gods of all the universes.
- I guess it's just me that can't read the text being input as a new user variable? Can anyone help me with it?  All I can decipher is: MOZ_DISABLE???
- lets see if this fix my problem with internet not loading anymore until i finish its process and get plugin container stopped working error thanks
- thank u so much
but what is
- thanks
- Genius!  Thank you
- Thank you so much!
- How To Disable Plugin-Container.exe For Firefox