How To Download/Save Flash Games From Your Browser In Seconds (Firefox)

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How To Download/Save Flash Games From Your Browser In Seconds (Firefox) - Thanx bro!
- I can do something similar, but I just want to know how to save my file on the game. I can keep my progress as long as it's a new game but eventually it disappears somehow. 
- Sometimes it's under Object not Embed, for those who can't find their game.
- can you go into depth a little more :s? you mean to open it not within a browser? if so you need to get adobe flash player (the actual program) if that does not work get "Adobe Flash" expensive. implying you would pay for it ;)
- how did you get the adobe flash player format? i really need something like that...
- y0u like
- Nice one,Subscribed.Please keep it up...
- i said that in the video. and commented it twice. chill bra.
- YOU DON'T NEED that Macromedia flash to play that game. just DRAG THE GAME ON A BROWSER, especially on chrome, or if you have a flash on your other browser. THAT'S IT!
- im really not sure where to find it. ive done it before just because its int the list , but other then that i usually just open with adobe flash cause i actually have the program it self. and if not like ive said you can use an internet browser and just press f11 for full screen
- How can i find flash player in open with... i won t use browser
- i said in the video for one ,the best way is to use flash player. but for most people its too hard to find flash player in "open with" so i just say open it with your web browser. you do not need an internet connection for the game to launch. unless its a multiplayer or server connected game.
- thanks man you rlly helped me for flash games cause i couldn't find swf full hacked games. i would use adobe standalone flash player to play swf files. when playing u have to open the file manually by clicking file, then open flash. then select the game that u wana play
- thank you, it helped me very much!
- @andy1998ace sigh... all you need is flash player , if it wont open up with flash player make it open up with your web browser , internet or not it will work.
- mine dosent work i need SWF movie how do i get it
- the new youtube is hard O_O
- @sethcuvvs yeah no problem man !
- dude this is awesome!! thanks soo much
- @derboss777 ? no i was just sayin maybe its the game thats not working xD? ive had a few that wont work lol, i think its because that game is online