How To Enable Click To Play Plugins in Firefox

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How To Enable Click To Play Plugins in Firefox - finally I can Play street sesh 3
- great thanks ...
- This is so amazingly useful! Sometimes I backtrack to a video, and don't want the video to buffer, or even play. I go back to a video for links in a description. Thanks for the awesome tip. I'm collecting these tips in my pastebin for personal use on other computers
- OMG! Thank You for all your help!! I Suscribed! :)
- thnx i try to reinstall and change all of it to true and nothing work , thank u for ur help
- well, try going back to about:config and setting the value to true. If that doesn't work, reinstall Firefox.
- there's no icon in the middle all the video area is black there's no icons :(
- when a youtube video pops up, just click the little icon in the middle of the page and it should load like normal.
- there was a massege on top of the window that write on it 3 sentences one of them was "never plugins this site" or somthing like that and by mistake i cklic this sentece and after that all the videos on youtube dosn't play anymore on firefox
- I have no idea how you hide plugins so I can't help you.
- i'm hidding the plugins by mistake and the youtube videos there not play anymore can u help me how i can fix it and play the youtube videos again , please !
- I have no idea. Try googling it.
- How can you do this on Opera?
- Why thank you. If you have an ideas or questions regarding Firefox, I will try to make a video on them.
- No Problemo
- Thx
- Make Firefox Safer & Quicker by enabling Click to Play Plugins.
How To Enable Click To Play Plugins in Firefox