How to Fix Firefox Lagging Issue

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How to Fix Firefox Lagging Issue - the port cant change and its does not work
- Thank you so much!
- appreciate it :)
- not all of us have macs
- haha mac..
- ahhhh Yeah! thanks a lot dude!
- going to try it now; subbed to your channel. thanks!
- It didn't work for me I followed the directions...weird.
- Firefox v>Options>Advanced>Network
- my flash lagging step by step when i watch videos
- It seems to work, thanks!
- actually firefox is way faster and better :D
- Well im on windows and i dont know wheres that button ?? please help respond!!
- PLEASE HELP whenever i try to go on a website on firefox it wont let me go on any sites it just has a problem loading screen
- 1:08 LOL! :D
- I"m not having this problem. This video actually helped me a lot. If you're having problems with ads, I think you should add adblock plus. I know a site to put the options in so you don't see ads. It worked for me. I dont' see one ad.
- seriously this isn't working. i don't know what now but i still have video lag and these ads keep popping up in my videos making them stop. the ones with the skip sign in the bottom left.
- okay the first time i tried it it worked and sped up my youtube but at the cost of quality. now it's lagging after the second time. i don't know what happened. i went through everything again but the memory cache thing is off and the proxy manual settings are good.
- when i ran an HD video it was super slow.