How to fix Firefox & Youtube Video Problem

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How to fix Firefox & Youtube Video Problem - Just uninstall Real Player  issue will be  solved
- disabling shocwave flash works for me
- ahaha funny that people will click this video to learn fix this prob, yet most will try watch the video with firefox itself.making the video useless and further more if you download chrome or something else to watch, you now don't need firefox. : )
- The fuck is a real player?
- The irony of this video...
- i cant watch the fucking video
- My current issue with firefox / youtube (2015) is that I can't remove or move up or down any of my "Watch Later" videos.
- Are you kdding? I don't even have real player installed.
- holy shit the old youtube layout looks so much better, i'm getting nostalgia
- I have a problem playing videos on youtube, there seems to be these adverts playing silently in the corner of the screen which cannot be removed no matter how many times I press refresh. Getting really frustrated with this to the point that I might just get rid of Firefox altogether, because I can no longer watch youtube videos without this ruining it for me!
-  problem i have is firefox will shutdown a lot when i use YouTube any  help has anyone had this problem
- I have a problem when I leave a video without mousing over it it'll freeze.
- Thanks

- Can Somone tell me how to watch videos again on a iPod touch
- Seriously! you could explain this in 1 min not 4:33!
Thanks anyway ;)
- If I could get the damned video to PLAY maybe I could learn how to fix the problem that is stopping youtube videos from playing??? Really???
- The video isn't phucking working... this is the problem...
- Thanks man It worked for me :)
- How do you think I can watch the video if I dont have working flash?
- d