How To Fix Mozilla Firefox Problems

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Dyskusje o How To Fix Mozilla Firefox Problems

How To Fix Mozilla Firefox Problems - you can help if you can tell why i can't login to twitter in firefox but with every other browser or app i can.
- My Firefox won't load anything help
- Same extensions not working on windows 8 T_T help me sir
- Luis, what do you do after you "REFRESH FIREFOX" and you find no saved password in the browser, lots and lots of bookmarks are missing and there is no history?
- Luis, can you help with these problems? 

Problem 1 - While I'm signed in and watching a video, if I try to rate a comment, a new window opens telling me I have to sign in! What's that about?

Problem 2 - So, I'll sign in... again. Then, when I try to comment on a video, five seconds pass and a window opens that says, ''You have been logged out.''

Problem 3 - If I'm watching a video and try to back out of it, either by using the Back Button or swiping my Magic Mouse, one of three things happens:

A. It will go back to the previous page, but the audio from the video I was watching still plays until I reload the page.
B. It will only go back to the beginning of the video, not back to the previous page.
C. Nothing. I can't get to the previous page without re-entering the site.

Problem 4 - Buffering is an issue. A video might play for a few moments but then one of the following happens:
A. It plays a few seconds and then buffers a minute or so. And this repeats constantly.
B. Suddenly, in the middle of the video, the entire page just decides to reload for no reason.

I don't want to delete Firefox and re-upload it because I've had to do it several times in the past and it's a lot of work to get all of my preferences and bookmarks set up again from scratch.
- I even go to my fucking ad ons and it says problem loading page server not found i have to get online i have a clan war today help!!!!!!
- It wont even let me go to the download site D: it keeps on saying The connection was reset PLS HELP D:
- Hello,i have a problem..when im going to download something from firefox it says failed..please help me what to do.. Thanks..
- hey luis i dont understand but my about:newtab is getting blocked by yahoo
- I have a 64 but processor but it only lets me download 32 and i downloaded both versions same thing 
- Sometimes when i get through it and it says installer integrity check has failed. common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installers author to obtain a new copy
- Can you find something for me because whenever i download something like team speak it just says failed and i try and try again and it fails 
- What helpful video tutorials should I make next? Let me know!
- Thank you so much!! 1 add-on was making my youtube videos stop loading like 1 min into them.
- Thank you! 
- I get this not responding error often. Sometimes when I first launch it. Other times when webpages are downloading. They freeze up for about 15 to 30secs before becoming responsive again. Not every website but every so it will get hung up. I dont have this issue with chrome or opera. I just use those 2 and avoid firefox.
- Question : Why When i open my Mozila Firefox it wont open and Say "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system." But i didnt open any ! D:
- my firefox wont open but my internet explorer is working how do I fix. I have already removed everything and still has no responses
- Question: Internet Explorer runs fine on this internet, in fact nearly everything (but steam, Chrome and firefox) does. But for some reason, Firefox doesn't connect to webpages. I have no idea why. Any fixes?