How to fix sounds in Mozilla Firefox or Windows - 2014

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How to fix sounds in Mozilla Firefox or Windows - 2014 - Thanks Bro!
- It works for me, only untill I start Firefox again. Every time I re-start Firefox, I have to restard the Windows Audio service to have sound in HTML5 video's.
- Wow I got very frustrated, but thank you its solved now,
- You rock TY!
- It worked, yey
- I have tried everything. I have sound on every browser and every page, except firefox. Firefox will play sounds on any site except for youtube. Unfortunately, this wasn't able to correct the problem.
- Thank you works perfectly now!
- thx!!
- thanx mine was already goin and i hit stop then start and now it works
- this solved my problem immediately, thanks!
- worked like magic, thanks a lot. i tried everything before including removing and reinstalling flash player, refreshing firefox etc etc
- Damn thank you, that worked
- thanks u are awesome :)
- This helped me out, thank you so much!
- I have been on my laptop all day trying to resolve this sound issue, and I couldn't do it, untill I saw your video, the sound has returned on youtube videos using Firefox and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sorting this problem out for me and for others. Just one suggestion though, can you re-upload your video, going through the procedure very slowly?, although I managed to resolve this, I am not sure whether I followed your instructions very clearly.  Thanks a million again, and God bless you.
- Nice one!
- Did not work
- its still not working ):