How to fix the youtube buffer issue / Instantly load videos (Chrome/Firefox/IE etc)

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How to fix the youtube buffer issue / Instantly load videos (Chrome/Firefox/IE etc) - So,I got lucky and fixed the problem myself while looking for a solution. But in google I spotted this video and couldn't help but wonder - "Who had the brilliant idea of uploading this?" - If someone can get youtube videos to load, HOW ARE THEY GONNA WATCH THIS?
- ie huh? so while this, in theory, sounds like it will work, in order to get it to work for IE your saying to install an addon, that will allow me to install an addon, so that I may control youtubes playback. lol how much you take IE out of the tittle
- Pydrex subbed to yogscast, seems legit...
- Ummmm my problem is videos don't buffer, attempting to watch this won't work D:
This extension it ROCKS!
Youtube Center 34.0 just did a search in extensions and it plugged right in. Firefox.
- btw its greasmonkey for firefox
- fuck you ass
- hey i was just wondering what website do you go on
- YT center is kinda shit, no 1080p support - useless cos you wont be able to watch vids in full HD.
- Why would they show a YouTube video of it it's stupid
- its not working
- Hey there, I was wondering if someone could give me a hand about this issue I've been having, and it's very annoying. Thing is, sometimes (like every other day), some videos simply refuse to be played. Mostly it's about official music videos like VEVO and stuff, but it really has a mind of its own. When it refuses to play a song (it starts loading the video, never stops, then crashes), it usually extents to every single song of its type on YT, which I think it's extremely weird. Like I want to play the official video for some song, but if it doesn't want to, and I want to listen to it by searching songs without the video, it still refuses to play. I'm at my wits end, if someone knows how to work around this, or needs extra info, feel free to reply to this.
- Video don't work :(

They don't like to tell you this because it affects advert playback!
- but wait, this video is buffering
- I found an easier way to do it but it was still on youtube center so I should thank You man 
- Got it!..............cheers bud works a treat great stuff
- 1:52?????????? come back to what video exactly?????????? you lost me
- This is far too advanced for me