How to fix Untrusted Connection in Mozilla Firefox

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Dyskusje o How to fix Untrusted Connection in Mozilla Firefox

How to fix Untrusted Connection in Mozilla Firefox - Didn't work at all. Time was always correct too.
- Did not work!
But the sync did throw an error saying that it could not sync because the timeout expired. So time is not syncing.
- Doesn't work
- Thanks man. It worked for me. 
- Didn't work.
- Thanks man!!!
- Does not fucking work

- WHY IT DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Omg thanks IT WORKS
- thanx
- So what if your time and date is correct, every video on this topic says its a problem with the date and time which for me its not.
- Truly awesome. TQVM for the help
- thnx for uploading this video,helps me a lot.:)
- Awesome yaar !!! First it came as not synchronised i changed the date manully den gave the automatic internet blah blah as u said , It worked . thanks dude :)
- It worked partiality, some sites had the issue solved, but there are still a lot that don't enter.
- I just watched 19 seconds of your video and I just have to deeply hope that your browser skills are better than your typing skills
- done. thank you very much!.
- edqwqw