How to fix Warning Unresponsive script on Firefox?

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How to fix Warning Unresponsive script on Firefox? - that dont work use this
choose media
media.cache_readahead_limit this is set to 999999
set to 0
come out of it scritp error problem solved
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- This video is certainly meant for d  blind, deaf & dumb.
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- Totally useless video, to blury to make out what they are trying to do.........
- This doesn't fix the problem.  It ignores it entirely.  You are essentially telling the browser that instead of waiting n seconds to show an error message, don't show it ever.
- Thanks a million!
- Thanks man,you realy healped. : )
- this error happens when im on website, follow works for me!
- I gave up on firefox. I've   been trying to fix this problem for months and it will not fix..I use chrome now.
- i cant see anything in your can i fix my problem . 
- It didn't entirely fix it for me.  You get a brief spinning wheel, but it doesn't lock up or send that annoying message.  Instead it moves on.

Do the Firefox people have a clue about this awful bug?  The homepage of the Huffington triggers it and almost any page on the Macy's site triggers it.  Arrghh. 
- Only my 2nd Dom.Max line was set to 10 but first 1 was 0. So hopefully it helped a bit.
- worked for me.  thanks!
- Mine was already set on 0 so did no good.