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How to fix YOUTUBE BUFFERING ISSUE! FIREFOX & CHROME - So helpful, as I watch your instructional video on how to prevent youtube buffering, buffer, buffer, buffer.....perhaps it's better not to post a youtube video that explains how to solve problems when you can't view youtube videos.
- thanks it's working
- @Alice Williams I also send you this as a message:
Hey so i cant' reply to your comment on my video for whatever reason (the one about buffering) so what I would do is either A. uninstall everything (maybe even chrome or modzilla, depending which one you are using) and then go ahead an re-do it. B try the other browser or C. try installing an adblocker in your browser so you don't get ads anymore( keep in mind you won't support your favorite youtubers that way anymore).

Also keep in mind if you do uninstall your browser completely, to go ahead and export your bookmarked Websites first, so later on you can just import them back and you are good to go!

PS: Keep me updated

PPS: I just realized by rewatching my video that there is a little box you can check that says Hide Ads( experimental) (you can see it at
5:28) make sure it is checked, if it is checked try removing it and see if that will solve your problem.
- Help! It does buffer sometimes a bit but it has been working beautifully, but everytime I play a video a ad comes up, normal, then i press skip ad, and it plays the video, then I start hearing the ad again in the backround so it distrupts my video, AND THEN since the ad finished it started with the video AGAIN in the backround while im playing the actual one! Its really annoying and I can't find a way to stop it :(
- thanks it works i play your video again in 1080p and it is not buffering
this works for script also
- 480p buffers fast enough
- Here's the alternative location for the one in the video, as the one in the description doesn't work. Mirror site
- Greasemonkey works wonderfully also! I was going to install the Youtube Center add-on, but since I saw Greasemonkey on your instructional video I went for it first and my negative issues have been resolved. Thanks!
- Try this page it works. After you install it restart your browser and open youtube, click the window and go to the cog thing in the upper right corner, a window will open and click "player" when that opens unclick DASH playback. That should solve the buffering issue. 
- the link in script is dead.please fix it
- Thx a lot
- Nice one dude
- I´ve been having serious buffering issues for weeks, with and without the very excellent "Youtube center". I've installed this, and it works beautifully, even when using youtube center simultaneously, so thanks a million Mr Uploader, you´ve certainly saved a me a recurring headache that I could not fix in any other way. :)
- works perfectly