How To Fix Youtube Lag On Mozilla Firefox! 2014

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Dyskusje o How To Fix Youtube Lag On Mozilla Firefox! 2014

How To Fix Youtube Lag On Mozilla Firefox! 2014 - The link that is html5 is not available :L it says "404 not found"
- Thank you, this fixed the problem to me, videos load much faster and I no longer experience lagg.
- Better way to fix lag on firefox
1. Go to
2. Install that shit
3. Uninstall firefox
4. win
- Worked for me...thanks!
- im lagging too much to watch this video
- Mine said I already am using the correct one CJ.
- many fake KMS activator s out there. even you click no to install costum they get inside youre registry and makes computer looking dead. even opening starting programs FAILS. download from real torren zites.
- Works great thanks !!
- I've been pounding off to the though of HTML5 and I didn't know why youtube was so frustratingly laggy and holy shit this is such a simple fix but it worked perfectly, thanks a ton bub
- Ty a lot ! works fine, Why 24 dislikes ?
ty once again :D
- Thank you, it did work like charm!
- Thank you so much! How could I forget this? I used to do this in chrome, but forgot to do it in firefox! :)
- thanks bro ur the man
- html5 slows down your pc and you cant use 1080P
- Sad that mine lags so much i cant watch the video...
- omfg love this video now its a lot faster xD

really thx ^^
- I've been struggling with lags on youtube for some while and this really helped me. Thanks
- This dude has a funny voice! XD
- Thanks alot! I uninstalled Adobe Flash Fucking Player and did your step. Works fine now. ++++++++