How To Make Firefox Faster On Mac and PC

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Dyskusje o How To Make Firefox Faster On Mac and PC

How To Make Firefox Faster On Mac and PC - Great, thank you very much :)
- Thank you
- i switched to firefox because google chrome was taking too long to load pages and new tabs, and hd youtube videos kept buffering. not for firefox! i noticed a big improvement on pages loading, new tabs, and youtube videos!
- Actruly on my computer, GOOGLE has been nothing but problems. i switched to bing cuz the search is so much faster and acurate
- shoot it works. who knew?
- this guy loves hearing himself talk.
- holy shit man! i feel its running even faster than safari now!
- yep
- Thanks :D
- @1234567abc3 download adb block plus
- It kind of worked, i didn't feel like something MAJOR happend but something happend :P
- 30 minutes ago firefox crashed three times on me. Awesome! Fuck.
- Very help full. Thanks
- Nice vid, to mutch talk tho :D used it on Ffx 7 and i see lots of improvement! (after setting the new value intriger my browser kep scrolling down :o even after closing ffx7, now it stopped)
- google chrome is faster
- now my computer is SLOWER! Thanks A lot!!!!!!!!!!
- You talk a lot... but THANKS YOU SOO MUCH!! HELPED A LOT! :D : D: D
- For some reason, my Facebook chat won't even load after doing this... Is this just me, or is anyone else having the same problem?
- You talk to much =P