How to Make Firefox INCREDIBLY FASTER!!!

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Dyskusje o How to Make Firefox INCREDIBLY FASTER!!!

How to Make Firefox INCREDIBLY FASTER!!! - Important Video to Improve Page Speed
- Thank you, much better :)
- thanks
- Fuck yea!
- Nice but me fan of google chrome

- huge difference thanks now how do i fix this dam shockwave script keeps crashing on me or says busy lol ><
- you should set network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to 32! so fucking much faster! than 8!
- dood nice vid whats that music called at the end of the video???????
- thanks man help a lot:)
- if you want download google chrome offline for windows v42 (41 Mb), you can download it 
from this link

For the other free aplication plese visit:

I Hope you're Enjoy. :D
- Thank You Very Much, my computer is always slow. I upgraded to WINDOWS 10 (TECHNICAL PREVIEW) from WINDOWS 7 and it was still slow on Firefox.

- I have read through 2 pages worth of comments and only 1/2 negative comments ! And,MORE than doubled my speed !
- Joel ! YOU DA MAN,buddy !!!!!!  I wish I had seen this video about 10 years ago.I tested my pc before I made these changes.I had around 115 tabs open (Only about 5 actually loaded though.Before I made the changes,I tested FF with Facebook (because as we all know,Facebook is probably the very slowest of the most widely used websites to load).Facebook took a whole minute and a half to load !  After I made these changes and re-started FF I ran the exact same test with all of the exact same (And,amount of) pages loaded.This change shaved a whole minute off of FB page loading time ! A WHOLE MINUTE !!!!! So,Facebook load times went from from 1:30 seconds down to just 30 seconds !!! THAT'S AMAZING !!!! THANK you !!!!!!!!!!!
- Really Cool Man :D you are AmAzing :)
- gosh you're a genius!!! Thank you for that!
- I prefer Firefox instead of Chrome.
Fuck everyone.
- thx dude
- Thank you for your help.I knew there was a way to do this. But know I know. So Once Again, Thank you.
- Thx Joel this really helped this was also very funny
"If you live in Australia"
"if you're stupid" haha
- Thanks Man