How To Make Firefox Run Amazing Faster 2015

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How To Make Firefox Run Amazing Faster 2015 - i do notice a difference thanks..
- That's great B.R. Simple and very effective and I'm in Ubuntu!
- Thanks 
- Wow, it really works thanks
- Thank you B.R. Bhandari very good tutorial video.
- Thanks! its much better and faster than before. ;)
- Thanks for your suggestions.
I do n t call it super fast but faster than the past one.
- that english is crazy
- ty its mush faster now :-)
- Thank you very much, seems to go better after a few restarts. Since I needed this so badly I sub you, and I guess other people will. Good luck making good videos! :]
- really cool, it works!  thanks of million.  Brazil
- It's so much faster i can't control it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!  KabooM
- thank you:)
- Thanks Apu Nahasapeemapetilon!
- nice man
- That english.
- any ways gud video but every one does these do some advance
- Thanks a lot it helped so much!
- thanks alot