How to make Mozilla Firefox Faster than ever [2015]

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How to make Mozilla Firefox Faster than ever [2015] - THANKS MAN!you deserve a like
- AWESOME Thank you very much! 100% working SUBSCRIBED :)
- It really does work
- My computer is so slow it didn't even pull up 'about:config'
- it shows Server Not Found when I entered about.config... Why is this?
- thanks that help me alot bro
big salute to you
i will subscribe
- Thanks man I forgot about this.
- really its faster then ever ...
thank you ,,,,
- How to make Mozilla Firefox Faster than ever [2015] 
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- Hey, I agree with the others.  Tried this a while back.  Great. Thank you, thank you.
But I have a new major problem, if someone could help:
I tried to download a PDF manual in FF.  Saw a million add-on, 'try-out'  programs on the second field.  Immediately clicked; "Decline".  No good.  They started to furiously download on their own.  And I started to furiously X out.  After a couple minutes; 18 programs had made it to my Windows program list.  Erased every single one - some of them were near impossible.  All good?  Nope.  On many sites when in FF, I get pop-ups coming in from all directions - then popping in the mid-page until I can't see what's on the page behind them.  X-ing them out is useless.
I got every recommended tracking and adware killer ad-on and managed to eliminate about 85% of them.  Some pages like Amazon are still almost as bad, and some like YouTube are clean.  But I can feel a war going on behind those pages.  On others, the pop-ups happily blast away.
What in the world can I do.  Other browsers seem untouched - but I'm never leaving FF.  When I get on Crome or IE, I want to blow my brains out.  I have about 15 years worth of bookmarks collected now in FF, and I've spent years adjusting and configuring and playing with ad-ons and such to get this baby tuned exactly how I want it. 
If I ever had the brilliant twit that concocted this abomination in from of me, there'd be nothing identifiable left of him.
I kind of feel like my daughter just told me she's pregnant and doesn't know who's it is.  Well, not exactly that heavy, but you know what I mean.
I'm losing my mind.
If anyone reading this can help, could you please take a moment?

Thank You in Advance;
- I am very impressed , thank you so much. I usually am scared to change things but figured I could change back if it didn't work. thank you so much!
- Thanks man! very helpful! and subscribe!
- thanks this really helped :)
- How to make Mozilla Firefox Faster than ever [2015] 
#MozillaFirefox #Firefox #Browser   #Youtube  
- With Chrome and Firefox , my laptop have Asthm
NOw with Opera 27, It breath full lungs.
- Does it have any side effects?
- what is your video editor's name? and the recording software??