How to remove Java Deployment Toolkit from Firefox

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Dyskusje o How to remove Java Deployment Toolkit from Firefox

How to remove Java Deployment Toolkit from Firefox - Is Java Deployment Toolkit a virus or something? Why do people want to remove it?
- This was very informative and did the trick. It is not in add-ons anymore but resides in my recycle bin in case I decide I need it after all.
- I found java deployment toolkit on my firefox plug ins after having a really good tidy round of my c drive.. still looking for how to remove as doesnt seem clean cut and i dont really like removing things manually from folders such as system32 etc.

Technowolfdragons Lair, I really do agree that i would like to keep my views and comments seperate from my google+ account, i only signed up to a google account so i could have proper access to youtube... it is all very big brother TBH and i dont like it at all as i dont monitor my google profile and there for google is just harvesting my youtube searchs (which i feel really does give more away about yourself than having cookies from other websites on your computer.. it is a direct look at my interests, likes, dislikes, political persuasions and much more - removing the element of terror threats, there are much more efficient ways of monitoring a potential threat to state security!... Along with Googles most recent development "hummingbird" which uses synoyms and algorythms which are rather disturbing... the sooner your video, as promised the better as far as i am concerned.
- I finally found a way to comment on youtube without having to share with google+. I'll upload some videos as soon as I find any game bugs or anyway to make the PC a little more safer. Be safe while surfing the web!
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