How To Update Firefox

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How To Update Firefox - I don't have that drop down bit in the top left hand corner 
- why i dont have a firefox button at the top?
- MAN, FUCK FIREFOX! WHY DO THEY WANT THEIR BROWSER TO LOOK LIKE FUCKING GOOGLE?! The browser doesn't even look like it looks here. It looks like chrome now, and it took a long time to find the "about firefox" fucking assholes! Just leave the interface alone!
- I WILL NOT REFRESH OR UPDATE MOZILLA FOX AGAIN!!!! It always creates ''PROBLEMS''.  And then the only way to resolve problems is to hire: CONNECT TECH - AT&T.
- Nicest browser: Mozilla Firefox. Just do not update to a new version or refresh havoc. You will loose passwords, bookmarks and history.
- After "REFRESH FIREFOX" how do you get back your saved passwords in the browser and all bookmarks missing, and all the history?
- you sound Nigerian hahahahaha this time around you are not scamming on us you doing nice JOB 
- Nice video,Would you mind checking out mine?
- My computer does not have that