How to Use Firefox Hello

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Dyskusje o How to Use Firefox Hello

How to Use Firefox Hello - They need to add text chat.
- A information vid about the new free Firefox Vidio calling app
- Browser based voice or video chat is generally a very bad idea. Thats what messengers are build for like "Google Talk" (that has been discontinued). Google makes the same mistake with "hangouts" like mozilla with "hello". Skype did the best approach, too bad microsoft bought and ruined it.
- i have a question,  when is firefox planning on supporting 60 fps youtube vids?
- Looks cool, but with my mother running Chrome and my sister on that W-word one. Skype is the only way for us. But keep up the good work it is cool.
- why is Firefox hello asking for my e-mail AND PASSWORD?  Sites NEVER ask for the password just the e-mail.
- Does it work with smartphones ? 
- When will Chrome get this feature? I know it has hangouts, but that's different.
- Appreciate this. Adding it to my Internet Board.