How to Zoom in Firefox

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Dyskusje o How to Zoom in Firefox

How to Zoom in Firefox - i wont save zoom in firefox ???!!
- Hey! You didn't list that you need internet!
- Excellent video !
- thanks it was very helpfull
- @MirzaEdlin Yeah i managed to zoom in on firefox now. when i viewed this vid yesterday i didnt understand
- Requires a Mac. WTF.
- 0:24 how to interpret sex dreams? lol
- thanx, stupid new firefox isnt as easy to work with as the prvevious versions
- finally something that works :D thank you(:
- firefox needs to sort this problem out for mac because the magic trackpad short cut worked in the old versions. the new version 5 doesnt allow it:(
- i hate comercials fucking fuuuuck
- @sarah77825 how do you do the scroll thing?
- agh thanks alote :)
- thanks man
- or ctl+scroll or use the built in zoom function in mac osx and windows 7
- is this thing for old people? i mean come on, it's so simple...
- ty sooo much
- for pc ctrl and alt and ur mouse scroll
- Well. How nifty.