[HowTo] Upgrade Firefox On Ubuntu Linux

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[HowTo] Upgrade Firefox On Ubuntu Linux - Ha ha! :-) you are awesome!
- Oh, you're a very gentleman, thanks. I have subscribed at your channel!
- Your english is absolutely fine. :-) i used to use recordmydesktop.but now to record my ubuntu tuts i use ffmpeg! hope that helps!
- In this video you have using the virtual machine? Anyway, what program you have used for recorder the screen? Sorry for my bad english, and gratz for the video, is beautiful.
- @godofbeats Your are welcome!
- great vid thanks
- @anoxxi Your are welcome!
- Finally some one with a easy to follow tutorial ...man firefox couldnt take 5 minutes to do this video or just paste the steps on how to page . Thank you for sharing your how to install firefox7 on ubuntu 10.10 worked right away : )