Install Adobe flash player on ubuntu for Firefox

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Dyskusje o Install Adobe flash player on ubuntu for Firefox

Install Adobe flash player on ubuntu for Firefox - I don't know why I HATE videos where there is no voice.  UGH!  :)
- yyyeahhhhh... 'm on ubuntu, with Firefox... and you're making a youtube video to tell me how to install Flash so I an watch youtube videos in Firefox on Ubuntu.  And how did you tink that was supposed to work?
After downloading and extraction the file just copy it and past it at
it works
- Man why not just talk? but you must explain how to do it if your gonna make one of these videos.. I dk what you were doing with the terminal crap because you didn't explain it.. And you just moved on like we can see what your doing... Next!!! nice try though..
- When I try to copy it to the directory, it says the file doesn´t exist
- FUCK Ubuntu.
- how did you copy the file at 4:00-4:05? so lost ....
- Dude will you fucking ppl please enable sound on your video? Waste of my time man!
- why i didn't find nothing in lib?? please help me my webcam no run anywere..running good only on skype?? do you know why ??tnks a lot
- does this work on ubuntu 12.04 as well because i got youtube to work running off of html5 i watched the video and did everything correct but i tried to watch a video on facebook and it said i didnt have flash installed