Install Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Linux in SECONDS!

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Dyskusje o Install Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Linux in SECONDS!

Install Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Linux in SECONDS! - yeah i tried sudo apt-get install firefox, it didn't work for me
- try as root:alsaconf
- Linux is the suckyerest OS ever created ;p
- I'm having problem with my firefox that come with is blocking other website..the only site that i can browse is google..,, while yahoo , youtube etc the stat always waiting... anyone know how to solve it..
- open it in archive manager and go to the folder it's in click the file called firefox and run it from that folder or as on ubuntu forums how to install it from the Mozilla packaging.
- firefox3 comes with 8.10 you shouldn't need to install it anymore, you might want to put that in your vids info.
- i would love to see how you could compile >:)
- upgraded to version 3 YET, I'm still on version click 'help' then 'about firefox' youtube still crashes periodically .
- thanks x everythikns ;)
- The biggest contributor to the annoyance factor is that sudo apt-get install firefox-3.0 merely installs 'Gran Paradiso', a beta preceding the final build of firefox 3. I'm trying to figure out how the hell to install the real thing, all my browsers have decided to stop giving me sound D: lol
- Yeh, but I would have guessed most non-Ubuntu users already know how to use their package managers :-) You are right though that most distros do come with equally good or better package managers. (Arch/pacman FTW)
- You forgot the fact that what you used isn't an Ubuntu-exclusive function, you just used Synaptic Package Manager; most popular Linux distros come with a package manager that functions exactly the same, including Fedora and OpenSUSE. Wish there weren't so many tards who buy into this though, just learn to compile a tarball manually or hell, use Kompile; it'll do it for you.
- ah i just hate that they gave us beta firefox on 8.04 hardy i dont mind fire 2
- dude even faster. sudo apt-get install firefox
- Thanks!
- hey send me an email of how to install cause i just got linux cause windows crashed on and i cant get firefox open when i download it!!!
- That one's 1.6 Ghz Dual-Core Pentium. I kinda cheated in that it the package had already downloaded though ;-)
- now it said command not found
- Read my comment properly: it contains a 'sudo' command.
- then it says this slik@slik-desktop:~$ dpkg --configure -a dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege slik@slik-desktop:~$