Install Firefox for Mac

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Dyskusje o Install Firefox for Mac

Install Firefox for Mac - You can drag the disk image icon to the Trash Can in the Dock. When you do, the Trash Can will change into an Eject symbol and eject the Disk Image.
- How do i get rid of the icon in my desktop after downloading firefox?
- The latest versions of Firefox run only under the latest versions of the Operating System and on those systems using Intel processorts. You don't mentioned if you are using Mac OS X or Windows, but I am guessing you are using an older Mac with a PowerPC processor. These machines, and others, are reaching the end of their life span and will not support newer software releases, unfortunately.
- when im done and try to run mozilla firefox you cannot open this "firefox" because it is not supported on this system plz help me
- @1.40 Would it fucking kill a kitten to simply write underneath "To install firefox, drag this icon over to the applications icon above" I actually feel sorry for anyone who has bought a Mac under the false impression that htey are somehow easier to use than Windows machines...
- @DVD2409 It might be because you're changing the name of the file and not keeping the .jpg at the end.. Seriously. Macs are not in the least bit any more user friendly than Windows machines, as this video shows...
- I dl'd it. But There is an icon that looks like the idisk on my desktop (but with FF logo) and I can't get it off. If I eject it, it comes back when I launch FF....wth?!
- @luchohill its 2007 you dumb :D:D:D
- he sounds just like sxephil
- It sounds like you are having exactly the problem detailed in the video, you have not copied the Firefox program to the Application folder on the hard disk, but are instead, running it from inside the Disk Image. Drag the Firefox icon from inside the disk image to your local Applications folder and all should well.
- That's odd. I've never had freezing issues with mine. In fact I was having problems with Safari and that's why I switched to FF. The Safari issues were not major, but they were annoying: (1) Back button wouldn't work within the Gmail inbox. (2) When holding and dragging the scroll bar of a page for a few seconds, the multimedia within that page would stop playing. It would resume once I stopped scrolling. This was about a year ago though, so maybe they fixed it.
- For a Windows Machine, I would say Firefox. In fact, I use FF as my default browser on my Mac these days.
- I have a Gateway computer. is firefox better or safari
- That hasn't been my experience with Firefox 3 on Mac. When it came out, I switched from Safari to see how stable it was and have been using since then.
- if you have a mac, you don't want the new firefox - constant freezing issues
- You may be trying to install too new of a version on your Mac. The latest version of Firefox only works on 10.5.x. You might be able to download an older version from the Firefox web site.
- Thanks for this. I just got a MacBook & I want to install firefox because I like it for using flickr. As a brand new Mac user I was not sure what to once the file had appeared on the desktop. Now I know.