Internet Explorer 8 vs Firefox 3

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Dyskusje o Internet Explorer 8 vs Firefox 3

Internet Explorer 8 vs Firefox 3 - Nice video, but buggar being diplomatic about whether IE sucks or not. It's sucked forever and the sooner it's dead and buried the better. Buggar also the features IE offers, they're more than offset by the innumerable security holes that regularly leave MS red-faced and, by the beards of the Internet Gods, the countless development hours lost because it doesn't conform to the w3 standards (Acid3 test anyone?) IE's got marketshare because it's installed by default. Kill it today people.
- Meh, both the same innit.
- been usg FF but now it keeps hangin and if i open IE7 and FF3.6 to say tvcathup IE seems alot is easy to move bkmrks arnd to folders outside the IE brwsr which i want to do bcause I have so many. and somtimes use Toolbar on the taskbar. Could u help me,I want to make IE my default again but even though I have gone to IE internet optns/prgrms/make IE default clicked y and when first opens. gone to Start/Com defaults and clicked no to default in FFox it is like there is code in FF to st
- Firefox dont recognize my servers with its flat name on the network while IE7.x and IE8.x can fastly open my intranet pages , dont know why and i dont care much , viva IE8 !!
- Did this guy really just reference wikipedia four times as an accurate source??
- This video is bull lol. They both have ups and downs. I personally like both. Firefox doesn't show myspace layouts and stuff the way that they actually are supposed to look. My layout and some other peoples layouts don't show up right and neither does the music players but Firefox is quicker. But with IE EVERYTHING works right just a tiny bit slower.
- Every other browser is measurably better then IE. I use opera myself, its laughable how terrible IE is.
- Hey, after the 64 bit update, IE 8 is unusable, unless some one is happy with text based surfing. You tube doesn't work, as flash is not compatible with 64 bit browser and even Microsoft Silverlight doesn't work, as I have to watch netflix on other browsers. Basically, the updated IE 8 is not good for anything but text-based surfing...and it is almost impossible to go back to IE8 32bit or IE 7...I have Windows 7...and man, all the programs run so much slower with Windows 7 even with 4G ram.
- I don't wanna change by browser the one I have is perfectly fine. What does it mean ''modern browser''?!!! Mine probably isn't more than 2 years old, which isn't exactly ancient
- Its kind of hard to update internet explorer with BigBrother programs monitoring our calls and activities. They slow down our computers. Frankly with them on browsers and other funtions we dont get much of a option. So let the developers work with old tech.
- thx i just not used to it. and ie7 has fewer bugs then ie8. Tech places dont use ie8. I gotta say though, firefox is better than ie by a close range
- i work for microsoft...and we have agreed that we have many improvements to make for ie8...but the crash rate is very low, and it has a decent speed. We still recommend the use of ie8
- @Asulaydyingcrying drag the URL to the home icon
- I'm not going to convince you to Firefox or any other web browser. But please, don't use Internet Explorer. Version 8 is also far behind others!
- ie8 faster than firefox for me...
- videos on youtube sometimes dont load with firefox and google makes me use their shitty browser
- Yes. I have. It sucks cause you need add-ons for almost every stupid thing.
- Yes, what you said proves IE is better then Firefox........... He is biased, but have you used Firefox?
- That would be because most websites ignore web standards and program in a way that favors InternetExplorer.
- Trident (internet explorer 8) < Gecko (Firefox, Epiphany, Camino, etc), Presto (Opera) < Webkit. (Safari, Omni Web, etc.)