Mozilla Firefox 23 Review 2013 !

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Dyskusje o Mozilla Firefox 23 Review 2013 !

Mozilla Firefox 23 Review 2013 ! - can i put colors on mozilla 23.0?
- how old are you by the way?
- sure thing
- Hahah No Worries :D Please Give This video a like ?
- thanks, i was just venting lol
- Thanks , And Yea :D
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- You Are Absolutely Right , I did not mention these changes in the video cause it would take a lot of time , But I dropped a link in the video's description with all the new changes , Here : mozilla[dot]org/en-US/firefox/23.0beta/releasenotes/
- It's important to note that they removed the option for removing tabs. You must have tabs. They removed the option to enable and disable java. Firefox becoming more like chrome to the point i may just change over.
- hey Robin Wilson nothing is wrong with this things it is cool sound and mic and his voice and thanks
- Nop Bro , His Video is like 11 minutes while mine is 3 minutes and I reffered To a blog post actually Could You give the video a like please ?
- did you just referred to this watch?v=KCNyEu-o6-U ???????
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- Get a better mic, talk clearer, and try to sync your voice with what you do. For the rest, nice vid bro.