Mozilla Firefox Introduces Mobile OS!

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Dyskusje o Mozilla Firefox Introduces Mobile OS!

Mozilla Firefox Introduces Mobile OS! - it has problems if you have dual sim you have to go to settings and change outgoing message or calls from sim 1 to 2 and vice versa 
- Mozilla Firefox Introduces Mobile OS!
- I have to try it
- This is awesome.. I totally forgot all about Firefox os phones until Google News mentioned again today. 
- Does it ever end...
- Mozilla Firefox OS is to bring the web to people
Mozilla Firefox Introduces Mobile OS!
- good, but what's the big deal?
- definitely going to use it
- how did you get it????
- Hell yes i just ordered one i use Ubuntu also but i like Firefox and looks dummy friendly ahhaha
- Android
- Dear ZTE or Alcatel or whoever, How about you consider Romania as an "Emerging Market" because I wanna try Firefox OS on a real device w/o bribing someone from Spain or Poland.
- I think it will be the best. Something I've been waiting for a long time. Just have to w8 a little bit when people test it and upgrade it. I think it will blow iOS and adroid with a little finger in the future. All what I will see then is iOS fanboys who will scream that they pay a lot of money for their shit so it must be better that Firefox OS, you will see soon. But I think it is not for rich people but for smart people.
- I d love to use a firefox phone i just miss one thing on the simulatator it seems like there is no possiblitiy for using it as a hot spot. since i am in Europe it will anyway take a wile untill we get that but i am looking forward to that day and i hop that the mobiler Wlan hotspot will be on board then. all the best.
- I would try it but I love my nexus 4
- Get over it. I'm sick of seeing people be bitches and using caps where they're not needed.
- dear everyone on youtube. STOP FUCKING DOWNVOTING COMMENTS IN COMMENT CHAIN ARGUMENTS. if you get offended over a comment on youtube, go and kill yourselves pussies. it's annoying to have to click "show the comment" AND "show this comment" every single time. I blame Drake for you bitches.
- emerging markets? Spain? what?