Mozilla Firefox OS - a look out.

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Dyskusje o Mozilla Firefox OS - a look out.

Mozilla Firefox OS - a look out. - looks like astrolopitecus OS
- That is made by PowerPoint...
- for the task killer how does it launches with a long presses on the light button?
- looks awful
- Too simple it good for my granny :) Phaha when they open the gallery ! ANDROID RULLES !!!
- firefox rullessss
- looks simple and easy use interface, but how about futures and other stuff like notification centre,file management,futures in settings and more you guyz can stand out of crowd if you catch up quickly.
- It's a knock off of Android. Compare everything this video just demoed and try to find one part of it that doesn't look and feel exactly like a feature that Anroid has had in the past.
- The gallery is containing android pics :))
- no widgets?
- Good
- O es solo para ciertos dispocitivos como.siempre
- Funciona en dispocitivos como el galaxy y?
- Guys sorry for the repetition in this video. YouTube made it like that
- MAny OS that will change future of Smartphones Firefox OS , Ubuntu & much more....
- Wanna see Firefox OS, then watch this video below...
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