Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome Full In-Depth Comparison 2014

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Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome Full In-Depth Comparison 2014 - 15.3 KBps, ehhh, idk man, you need atleast a decent speed to do an internet browser test...
- Hi all, just sharing my own experience :)
I got an Mac and I'v been using Chrome for a while now to be honest I'm fedd up of it, it's a RAM killer and shockwave keeps crashing freaking annoying, chrome use to be fun but the past half a year it's giving me headaches simple things can be annoying. Time to go back to firefox where they have the cool side tab feature at my work everyone uses it, hopefully firefox for Mac is as good as on Windows :)
- Excelente video... yo siempre he usado firefox pero estaba pensando en cambiarme a chrome y con este video recorde lo buen navegador que es firefox sobre todo las opciones que te brindan y que otros navegadores no tienen. Gracias, muy buen video.
- firefox!! <3
- biased, I like both but this is not a good review
- Man Ur compression was awesome and U really told a-lot of information about both browsers and why really Mozilla Firefox is the best Browser thank U u really helped me bye 
- This is not real cuz When I lode all the same websites in Google Chrome its ether as fast as Firefox or way faster then Firefox  
- Lavender town remix - nice!
- you cant test browsers on 20Kb/s net speed 
- Really slow PC or Internet
- I will always think Firefox is better than Google Chrome. But you have to admit it: YOUR COMPARISON WAS BIASED.
- Comparing a free, for non-profit(that relies on donations), and open-source web browser, with a "freeware" Browser owned by a (Google) for-profi-Corporation that has gazillions of $$$ to put into it is NOT really a comparison.
 Then again, if you do take that into consideration, then Firefox is the clear winner of ALL the browsers. Comparing "chromium" and firefox would be a fairer comparison, and I find them both great, but I give Firefox the edge 'cause it works for me, feels clean and stable, and it has a well-rooted past.
- i think google chrome works better for me
- I liked both mozilla and chrome for 2-3 years, alternating between them. A week ago my chrome malfunctioned, and badly, all websites are telling me to install flash player and I already have the latest version, and it happens so now that mozilla is faster in every scenario, like opening it, entering a site, etc, so it's not reliable in my experience
- Just retired from Google Chrome. It's a mess now. Slow, clunky, and it always crashes on me. Firefox is MUCH better in my opinion. I underestimated Firefox.
- No, the memory and startup are because the Firefox allocate more memory, the big allocated memory makes Firefox faster, cleaner, and much, much, much better. Please trust me!
- Because it is?
- Nope. Google Chrome is wayy better. Trust me.
- Yeah, good luck to use Firefox, is the best browser ever made!!!
- Yeah, in the latest version it added Password Manager and more things...