My Firefox Add-ons

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My Firefox Add-ons - a u have the same back ground as me
- The keyword feature is beyond amazing. How did I not know about this???
- can i ask something?how you do this gia downloads ?in the bottom of firefox?
- how many add ons can i add i have about 16
- @Crashjr135 Nah it's the same when you do it through the 'toolbars' menu all I have to do is press alt to bring it back.
- @ShaunHawksworth ahh dude then to get it back you would have to go view>toolbars>menu bar ... this addon all you have to do is press the key "alt" to get the menu bar on and then off !!!
- @ShaunHawksworth F11.
- Pretty wierd that theres an addon to hide your menu bar when you can just go to view>toolbars>menu bar O_o
- Great video, thanks for sharing.
- me too
- @50jost keyword search isn't actually an add-on. It's a firefox feature. Just right-click on a search box and choose 'add a keyword for this search'.
- me either!
- nice vid mind me asking what software you used to record your vid?
- nice video
- He has a Desktop Theme, i dont know what one though
- whats the first one the keyword serch one whats the name?
- cool
- please do a review of the it's all text add on please!
- it would be better if u created one vid each add on. then u could go into depth with it. i am going to make reviews to add ons, i made one, an introduction. so suscribe for good reviews!
- cool