New FireFox 29 Web Browser Release - What's New

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Dyskusje o New FireFox 29 Web Browser Release - What's New

- Firefox 31, Woo hoo!
- I don't like it, it uses too much space and takes away freedom of costumization through css from you. I'm very happy with pale moon because it lets me change all I want.
- What a joke, firefox now owns my pc, I used to love it.

It now freezes my pc, takes up 80 to 90 percent memory , now the youtube adds just in a search come out with audio adds ...ggrrrr, give me back my pc....
- You know what? I still use Firefox 17.0 and I'm never going to update it. Everything works exactly as I want. It doesn't upload statistics without my permission, it can run animated personas without problems, it runs many old themes that have been discontinued because their creators can't keep up with Mozilla's update spamming, it has the FF button at the top-left corner, and many other things.

No sir, I prefer using my software just the way I want it and not just having the newer versions only because they are "new". I still use Windows 7, Winamp 2.8, Daemon Tools 4.3, and many other old versions of programs that I believe reached their peak at some point and then started to decline IMO. ;P
- What's new ?
Installed two hours ago, More adds than I've ever seen, slower than ever.
Pages freeze in youtube.
- Immediately, I noticed how the background tabs look really terrible. There's favicons, text and a close boxes all floating in the same space.. Really bad design. Also, the text of those background tabs is way too dark. Maybe Mozilla hired the same guy that got fired for spearheading Windows 8. LOL. Is there a way to make the background tabs' shapes more visible or less transparent? Also menu icons are WAY too large.
- can you put the reload button upper left as well? and bookmarks, make it from LEFT to RIGHT? who shuts off their ANYTHING in the upper right?? Touch screen users must love messing up the screen for windows 8.
- This switch to the new UI and ignoring of user feedback have made it clear that mozilla doesn't care about their users anymore. Instead of trying to be an innovator and a leader like they used to, instead they have now decided to follow the trend of oversimplified UIs that other companies have already done (like Opera, still angry about that too), soon there will only be variants of Chrome from different companies.
- firefox 29 is a slow duck in the air.  IT TOTALLY SUCKS. Almost uses twice the resources as 28.
- I like the new firefox interface, except for the fact that a lot of screen space is wasted on the top menu bar, they should make the hieght shorter, suxks if you have a small display. But I noticed the speed improvments, Thx Mozilla.
- Upgraded to version 29 a few days back. Actually I didn't notice anything except the tab shape being different from older Ff versions. Thanks to this video, got a lot of new juice from 29. I like Browser console, because of two things: I like to develop some web stuff occasionally and like to keep on top of things. The 'Browser console' is really neat - brings the information about what's really going between the client and web server, as well as what Firefox can and can't do - or doesn't support.
- I do NOT share your enthusiasm. It is UGLY.  Moreover, they are FORCING us to have it whether we want it or not. This is not a good idea. Even though we have gone in and set it to NEVER INSTALL UPDATES ... it is annoyingly foisted upon us. This is one sure way of putting people off anything. I also emptied the strings in about:config and that did NOT help. I kept reinstalling FF28.0 but every time I opened Firefox, there was the ugly £$%^@ again.....mocking me. I got so frustrated, that I downloaded a program called "AppGuard". That worked. Personally, I`ve gone from loving Firefox to loathing Firefox. I ask you, do they really need to update every 4 weeks? And don`t tell me about "security".  Many people have applications that do NOT work on the latest version. I don`t object to them updating, but when they give us a choice NOT TO INSTALL UPDATES, then do NOT honour our request..that`s WRONG. So why even give us a choice. What we have now is a FAKE choice.  Can some smart person tell me why the choice we make in the advanced tab to NEVER INSTALL UPDATES is cancelled-out?  Thank you.
- Hi! Please, I would like to know how to put the address bar above the tabs on this Firefox 29.
Thank you.
- Totally f-d up the UI. Ya blew it, Firefox.
- Firefox is making progress on its score I do believe. Keep up the good work there !!!
- This new version took me by surprise because it is practically by appearance a Google Chrome Clone. The  [===] button to the right of the address bar anyway.
Wow  - I Firefox Icon at least would have warned me on that one though.
Its almost indistinguishable from Chrome as a Windows User I can tell you that!
other than the menu when you press the alt key! 
I think that part of it was a mistake - I only wish I could add my theme plugins and yet change the font colors so I do not go blind trying to read the text which compliments poorly on the theme plugins thus far
- I admit, I wanted Firefox to update their browser for a while, but I just don't like the updates they went with. It looks way too much like Chrome, and the menu looks like it was made specifically for a phone; not a computer as well. I liked it better when the options were in a list view. Also, the new History gadget doesn't make too much sense. It brings me to a side bar and then I need to open another sidebar to view the history by date. Why not just have that option in the first one?

I like Firefox, but I do hope this update is addressed. Aside from Chrome's look, they have excellent features for searching history, resurrecting a closed tab, a fast way to bookmark pages, and a friendly Settings layout. I want to see those features in the earlier look of Firefox. I quit Chrome to join Firefox because they are more secure.
- FUCKING AWFUL, AWFUL BROWSER NOW, Jesus it's terrible beyond belief.