Nexus 4 - FireFox- Pinch to Zoom - No delay! - HD

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Dyskusje o Nexus 4 - FireFox- Pinch to Zoom - No delay! - HD

Nexus 4 - FireFox- Pinch to Zoom - No delay! - HD - Awesome though.... no refresh button. No edge swype tab change. Fucked up copy/paste and pointer thingy.....
- Android 4.3 has been a breeze for me, no issues what so ever touch wood .
- rooted it obiously hope u didnt have as many updateing to 4.3 issues as i did but as soon as i saw that pinch-to-zoomk i was blown away and downloaded it straight away in hind sight was a bit child-ish but XD
- no delay on the s4 what so ever, whats strange though is that its not everywhere on the nexus 4, only in certain apps
- If you think its a software issue why don't you try pinch zooming the s4 google edition. I'd like to see how it goes :)
- IMO, the only difference between FireFox and the rest is how wide is the area on the screen considered as single touch. I just tried same thing but instead of joining two fingers together on first touch just leave this 1cm between them. In this case the zoom starts immediately - it doesn't "wait" ...
- root :- )
- how did you get the android default browser
- The screen is less sensitive , due to its technology... but you do get used to it
- yea it helps with screen sensitivity , but not with the pinch to zoom
- thx man.
- yeah. if you can grab a pantech flex you will see it is not that slow everywhere.
- its " too slow" ?
- that's not right. that nexus 4 is too slow, so do Galaxy S3 or Note2. i got Pantech Flex the pinch to zoom works much fast without delay every apps like gallery, android web browsers chrome, ...... pantech flex is just only ics but it is fast like iphone 5.
- Firefox has their own code for zooming in and out as well as scrolling. That's the reason!
- Well im sorry, but i dont know what to tell you, i have no issues with the screen sensitivity in terms of scrolling around the homescreen. the only issue i have is the pinch to zoom
- thats normal though, otherwise you would be pressing wrong buttons all the time by accident
- well there just never is a perfect phone.. you know.. the iphone has problems.. all phones have issues , its just the way it is
- quadrant sucks ass .. why are people using a benchmark that hasnt been updated in a year!???!
- thats not true .. its only on pinch to zoom as far as i can tell