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- excellent documentary Im a mechanical engineer and been around a lot of countries and see the drastic chances all over fast  how ever some big is about to happen  but we here in Africa just don't care ore hoe cares ?????    but we will survive  God bless
- the music to help expand your mind and is at the right level not to loud open your mind
- Well, I have stayed with this video almost to the end.  I get it why obama wants to take over the internet.  He thinks if the internet is monitored and we cant get to the sources we want, we wont figure out what is going on with planet x.  Well we already know it will supposedly land west of France and there will be a tsunami.  I think all of america will be deluged with water, but it wont flood at higher alltitudes.  The satanist think they can go in their bunkers, I dont know where is safe, and come back out when it is safe and rule like royalty.   HAHHHHHHH!!!!  Are they STUPID or are they in a freaking ANIGHTMARE!!!?:????  IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK OUT THAT WAY GUYS!!!   And they think by not letting agencies tell us the pattern of the asteroids or whatever , WE LITTLE HUMANS, ARE SO STUPID WE WILL NEVER FIGURE IT OUT!!!  Well let me tell you guys, I HAVE NEVER BELIEVED ANYTHING YOU HAVE SAID SINCE ABOUT TWO WEEKS AFTER 911 WHEN I FOUND OUT THINGS WERENT WHAT YOU SAID HAPPENED!!!! YOU FREAKING DREAMLANDERS OR OUT RIGHT CRAZIES.  I thought you had to be somewhat responsible and intelligent to be in high ioffice but you are behaving like little children, running around saying the sky is going to fall.  But think we dont read economic, global or outer space and religious clues!!! I THINK YOU GUYS BETTER GET YOUR BIBLES OUT AND PRAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! IGNORANCE IS NOT BEST  EVEN IF YOU HAVE CANCER!!!  AT LEAST DOCTORS ARE HONEST!!! 
- Yes 911 was an inside job, and sandy hook and boston bombing are false flags.  These people will NEVER rule anything again after this passage.  THEIR TIME IS NIGHT SOON!!!   WE WILL ALL BE DEAD AND NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHNG FOR THEM UNLESS IT IS GOD AND THEY HAVE REPENTED!!!!
- Open your eyes and wake up....
- BET should have a nightly astronomy program narrated by gangster thug types. I'd watch for sure if 10:00 is any indicator of how it would be.
- I remember the evening when I saw the moon looked kind of funny. It was cool to see :)
In another note:
It amazes me that book writers, scullers and PhD Dr's can't tell that its not the view point that has shifted/tilted. But rather the place of origin has been effected somehow.
My niece could have thought of that!  
- But wasn't Nibiru supposed to be here on Dec 20, 2012??  Then everyone said they got it wrong, it would arrive by mid-June 2013, then they revised it to Jan 2014, then Sept 11 2014, now I guess the grand arrival date has been revised yet again, set to fit somewhere in late-2015, do I still have it right?  So tell me, what's after that, 2016, 2017, or 2025?  Why not just push Nibiru's arrival back to early part of 2050, wouldn't that give you even more time to dupe the world into watching your silly videos??

VERY SKEPTICAL about all this now, Nibiru is looking more like another fictitious fraud whipped up by a bunch of greedy YouTube whores to generate revenue off video views, there's nothing else to it, a classic empty shell theory.  At least on my channel I have REAL UFO footage.  The only STRANGE EVENT here is the level of bullshit you people pull over gullible idiot's heads!!  A bunch of commercial revenue breaks on this one folks, you're all suckers, the whole Nibiru HOAX is a social-media experiment designed by manipulators and YouTube capitalist frauds.  Can't blame them tho, we were all such easy prey and ripe for exploit.
- i think that the president or our gov't wants as few people as possible going into space. there could be many different reasons. one could be they know that trouble is headed our way or maybe their aliens they seem to pretend they don't know about are directing them. it could also be because of military reasons, but i can see they have dismantled our  space program and i'm not the only person i know who feels this way
- Is impossible to destroy planet X is 4 o 5 times greater than Júpiter. Also has its own humanity that live there. If we attack they allmost inmediatly destroy us.
- Planet X (Nemesis) is here NOW. Are you ready to accept Christ, the Lord RayEl ?? HE IS YOUR ONLY SALVATION!
- There are no end times. Ebola is patented by the CIA. Martial law will be implemented during the final stages of AGENDA 21. This planet has and always will be controlled by the Illuminati (Lucifer's puppets) It is our job to wake people up to the truth and spread LOVE!

Otherwise, you'll have to take this class again and again until the test has been passed.(research past life regression Therapy) Live in the spirit, not of the flesh and TV tube.

Nibiru, Planet X, Annanakki land - whatever you want to call it, will continue it's 3,600 year cycle for the next million years. There's no need to worry about something out of your control. We can stop a tyranny felt government, not a Planet stupids!!

The only thing one needs to worry about is: Our civil liberties being stripped from your family for the sake of "safety" ; caused by false flags like Pearl Harbor, 911, etc.

STOP fear-mongering on NWO propaganda like planet Nibiru and pay attention to the UN blue helmets and armored vehicles in a town near you! 
- So how long has HAARP been in operation
- Check out the preset Windows 8 screensaver - two suns for all to see.
- HaShem - The Name of The King of Nibiru
- Excellent work! Thank you.
- May I ask why  you needed such lound and abnoxious music with such a good script?  The script has it going on...Very good show, but its ruined with the constant head pounding by obnoxious music.